Collect Direct在英国借记和汇款

当银行业务变得简单时,您可以专注于最重要的事情。我们的 Bacs 局服务为您提供了一种在英国境内收取直接借记和发送多笔付款的灵活方式。

You can:

  • 让您的支持者可以选择通过直接借记进行捐赠
  • 支付员工、供应商和其他人,通过双重授权保护您的资金
  • 轻松访问- 了解 Bacs 报告

Bacs bureau 的特点和优势

Our Bacs bureau service has been designed specifically for charities. Read the full details on our Bacs bureau service.

下载我们的 Bacs 局服务指南


安排我们的 Bacs 局服务的免费在线演示,以了解您的组织如何进一步开展捐赠。

Call us on 03000 123 456 (9am–5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding English bank holidays). You’ll need a computer with broadband connection for the demo. Before you call us, please read the following documents:

什么是 Bacs bureau?

Bacs is the organisation responsible for the UK’s Direct Debit and Direct Credit Scheme. Their official definition of Bacs bureau is "a computer bureau that submits transactions through the Bacs service on behalf of third party organisations”.

了解更多关于我们的 CAF 现金账户

我们的 CAF 现金账户旨在让慈善机构的银行业务更容易和社会目的企业。


This product is provided by CAF Bank Ltd.

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