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如果您收到了 CAF 慈善券,请按照以下说明操作 将捐款存入您慈善机构的银行账户。



  • 我的组织收到凭证和 CAF 卡捐赠频繁
    Our online fundraising platform, CAF 捐赠, gives you the ability to redeem voucher donations yourself so you can receive your donations within 2-3 working days. 

    When you sign up, you will first be given access to our free reporting tool, CAF 慈善仪表板, to simply view your donations online.

    You can then upgrade to CAF 捐赠 for free from your reporting tool to unlock it's full fundraising features including processing vouchers yourself. 





  • 我的组织偶尔会收到捐赠券

    If your charity receives only a few voucher donations, or if you do not require the other fundraising features of CAF 捐赠, you may want to simply post your vouchers to us for processing at:

    客户服务, CAF (慈善机构 Aid Foundation)
    25 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill , West Malling, Kent, ME19 4TA



    为了快速收到您的捐款,我们可以通过 BAC 将捐款发送给您。我们需要将您组织的银行详细信息的证明与代金券,请参阅下面的常见问题解答,了解我们需要为您做些什么。



    Remember to sign up to our free reporting tool, CAF 慈善仪表板, to see all the donations you receive from us online. 


  • 这是我第一次收到 CAF 慈善券。我该怎么办?

    第 1 步:将优惠券发送给我们。

    We will process it and assign your charity a Beneficiary Number. You'll then be able to sign up to our CAF 慈善仪表板 and view your CAF donations online. Send the voucher to:

    CAF (慈善机构 Aid Foundation)
    25 Kings Hill Avenue
    Kings Hill
    West Malling
    Kent ME19 4TA

    Step 2: Sign up to CAF 慈善仪表板.

    Sign up to CAF 慈善仪表板 and you will be able to view your CAF donations online.
  • 我在哪里可以找到我的受益人编号?


    如果您是新客户,请致电 03000 123 000 联系我们,我们将为您创建一个。
  • 我们如何通过 BAC 接收捐款?

    我们希望尽快收到您的捐款,如果您向我们发送您的银行详细信息,我们可以发送他们通过 BACs 给你。您可以通过邮寄凭证连同您的帐户证明轻松地做到这一点,这需要满足以下要求:

    • - 显示最近交易的您组织的银行账户对账单副本,没有编辑
    • - 对账单副本需要在最近 3 个月内注明日期
    • - 对账单清楚地显示银行账户持有人的姓名in,分类代码和帐号
    • -慈善机构的邮政地址(如果这与您的注册地址不同,请向我们提供解释以免造成不必要的延误)


    一旦我们获得此信息,我们就可以通过 BAC 向您发送捐款。

  • Why do I need to provide details of my charity’s Trustees for CAF 捐赠?
    除了作为注册慈善机构外,CAF 还注册了反洗钱目的。

    This means that we need to take a few more steps with our due diligence process – and in the case of CAF 捐赠, this means asking you for the full names, addresses and dates of birth for all your trustees. 

    这现在看起来可能很痛苦,但这确实意味着您可以放心,我们在与您的所有互动中都非常谨慎,这就是为什么 CAF 受到慈善机构和捐助者的信任。
  • Why should I sign up for CAF 捐赠 if I can send vouchers to you for processing?
    如果您的慈善机构获得多项 CAF 慈善机构凭证捐赠,您可以更快地将这些存入您的银行账户。

    Donations will appear in your account within 2-3 days using CAF 捐赠, rather than 2-3 weeks if you were to send them to us for processing. Plus, you can save on postage costs. 
  • Why do I have to sign up to CAF 慈善仪表板 before I can use CAF 捐赠?

    So as part of our due diligence, signing up to CAF 慈善仪表板 is the first step in 我们的验证过程. Upgrading to CAF 捐赠 is the second step.



在线处理 CAF 凭证

将您的 CAF 慈善券捐赠更快地存入您慈善机构的银行账户

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