Dawa Dem

Dawa Dem

Lead Advisory Manager

作为首席咨询经理,Dawa 负责管理与企业基金会、政府部门、慈善家和慈善机构的重要合作伙伴关系。

She also leads our 慈善咨询工作, working closely with charity leaders on developing strategic fundraising plans to engage corporates and major donors to help diversify charities’ incomes.

She managed the Environmental Agency programme on building the long-term resilience of Catchment Based Partnerships. She also leads the advisory support on developing strategic fundraising plans for number of grantees of Lloyds Bank Foundation’s Enhance Support.

In addition she has provided advisory support as part of the £1.3m CAF Resilience programme and Growing Place-based Giving scheme.

Dawa 拥有超过 18 年的国际发展和筹款经验,曾与联合国儿童基金会、荷兰发展组织 (SNV)、资源联盟和洛登基金会等组织合作。她的其他重要角色包括担任不丹国家专家——性别和社会疟疾联盟索引、经合组织和受托人。

Dawa 的博客和文章:

Ingrid Barnard

Ingrid Barnard

Grant Making Manager
Ingrid has over 20 years of grantmaking experience and works across the design, management and delivery of a range of UK and international grant programmes across our portfolio of Trust and corporate clients.

These programmes focus on employee engagement, access to STEM education, workforce development and supporting local communities. Ingrid has also been instrumental in our roll-out of rapid response funds, managing energy-based grant programmes and supporting vulnerable grantees.