If you have a large sum of money to donate, you might have considered making a real difference through a grant programme. Our FAQs answer some of the questions you might have about grantmaking.
  • 我正在寻找资助我的课程或研究的资助——我应该联系谁?
    Any open grant programmes will be listed on our 获得赠款 page. If you need more information, please contact us on 03000 123 334.
  • 我可以吗自己运行一个赠款计划?
    You can, but we have tried and tested ways of 帮助客户开发和运行赠款计划. By asking us to do this for you, it reduces the admin burden on you. We can use our networks to target organisations or run reactive programmes, ensuring that you review only the applicants who’ll meet your objectives.

  • 我们被资金请求淹没了 €“你能帮我处理这些吗?

  • 我对我想集中支持的地方有一个粗略的想法 €“你能帮忙吗?
    Our framework looks at defining your programme; from 您捐赠的动机, through to what you’d consider a success. We can discuss the strengths and weaknesses of what you plan to do, and make sure that the right causes are going to benefit.
  • 运行赠款计划是否需要最低金额?
    There’s no minimum amount, but we do charge a fee to run your programme for you (depending on your requirements). It might be worth considering whether a CAF慈善账户 or CAF Charitable Trust would suit your giving better.
  • 您希望我的赠款计划持续多长时间?
  • 我需要常驻英国才能让您为我进行赠款吗?
  • 您是否涵盖不同的因果关系领域?

    查看我们当前的赠款计划的一些示例tly running.

Our team

Our expert team is here to help with any questions you have about 我们的赠款服务.

03000 123 334
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