Whether you already know which cause you want to donate to, or are looking for some inspiration, our FAQs will point you in the right direction.
  • I can’t find my chosen charity in your 慈善搜索

    If you can’t find your chosen charity in our 慈善搜索, it may be that we don't hold their information online. 完成我们的在线表格以提名新的慈善机构.  We’ll validate your chosen charity and, if successful, you’ll be able to donate to them through our website.

    If your chosen charity is outside of the UK, donations can only be made if you’re a CAF Account holder. If you wish to nominate an overseas charity, please 登录您的帐户 and select the ‘海外捐赠’ option.

  • 我可以通过慈善机构编号搜索吗?

    Yes – simply type the charity number into the ‘Charity Name’ box, then tick the ‘Search charity number or keywords’ box. Use our 慈善搜索.

  • 我的“一次性”捐赠可以获得税收减免吗?

    Most types of donation through CAF can have Gift Aid claimed on them. When making a credit or debit card donation, you’ll be asked if you’d like us to claim the Gift Aid on it.

    If you’re 有资格获得礼品援助, simply tick the ‘yes’ option and we’ll automatically claim the Gift Aid for you, and add it to your donation.

    If you have an account with us you can also claim Gift Aid on top-ups to your CAF慈善账户 by 登录 and updating your Gift Aid declaration.

  • 告诉我更多有关 Gift Aid 的信息

    Gift Aid allows you to give more at no extra cost. 什么是礼品援助?

  • Why isn’t my donation 有资格获得礼品援助?

    Some types of donation aren’t 有资格获得礼品援助. Donations given through CAF随赚随捐 for example, can’t have Gift Aid claimed on them because they’re taken from your salary pre-tax and therefore are already tax-effective.

  • 为什么我的捐款分为两部分?
    我们可能需要 6-8 周的时间才能从 HMRC 收回礼品援助。如果我们早点收到它,我们可以将它与您的捐款一起寄出;如果没有,礼品援助将单独发送。
  • 我住在海外 – 我可以捐赠吗?

    是的,您可以,但是能够申请 Gift Aid 您在当前纳税年度内至少需要在英国支付与 Gift Aid 申请一样多的税款。

  • 我可以吗匿名捐赠?


  • 如果我通过信用卡捐赠,慈善机构需要多长时间才能收到我的捐赠?

    如果您通过借记卡或信用卡捐款,处理您的捐款需要 30 天。这是为了防止您改变主意或捐错了慈善机构。它还让我们有时间从 HMRC 申请任何礼品援助。

  • 我在捐赠时遇到问题
    We’ll be happy to help. You can 在这里联系我们 or call our Customer Service team on 03000 123 000 (between 8.30am and 5.30pm Monday-Friday, except public holidays).
  • 为什么我的信用卡/借记卡被拒绝了?


Our Team

Our Customer Service team is here to help with any questions you have about 捐款.

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